We’re working with trusted experts to improve pet wellbeing by raising the standards of everything we do. Because it’s what we’d want if we were pets.


It's our goal to help pets lead full, rewarding lives. That's why we're revolutionizing the way the industry thinks about pet wellbeing. How? With an approach that supports a pet's whole health by engaging all five critical dimensions of health that strengthen and build on each other.

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Physical Health

Giving pets the nutrition, activity and preventive care to stay fit inside and out. Here are some ways we recommend you address their physical health.

Nutrition is the foundation of physical health

Feeding your pets well is essential to their wellbeing. We're committed to helping you find the right food for them to thrive and experience benefits like healthy skin, shiny coats, improved vitality and longevity. We've rid our shelves of food with artificial ingredients* and stand behind the following categories: Science-Led, minimally-processed and premium Kibble. Let us help you find the right food for your dog here.

Exercise comes in many forms

Whether it's through regular walks and runs or playtime with cat toys and dog toys, getting your pet moving is a core component of caring for their physical, social and mental fitness. Playing with family members and other pets is also a critical step in improving their wellbeing.

Freedom from pests year-round

Protect your pet from irritation, discomfort and potential disease by preventing pests like ticks, fleas and ringworm. Our vets can write you a prescription to fulfill at the Petco pharmacy or you can find the right over-the counter products in our stores. Our groomers can also help with flea relief or treatment application.

Routine care to avoid big scares

Keeping pets in top physical condition means scheduling regular check-ups. Our trusted, compassionate vets provide affordable services including blood work, vaccinations, and surgery.

Our groomers also put your pet's health first. We offer personalized grooming solutions to help solve common problems including dry skin and shedding, in addition to routine teeth-brushing and nail trims to prevent gum disease and painful broken nails.

Physical Health Services

Help support your pet's physical health with the services we offer.


Ensuring pets can lead joyful, enriching lives free from boredom and anxiety. Here are some ways we recommend you care for their mental health.

Enrich their minds with exercise

Just like their parents, pets need regular mental stimulation in their lives. They might nap a lot, but when pets are awake, they need the enrichment and activity of socialization and play with dog toys or cat toys to keep their minds healthy.

Training promotes brain development

Positive reinforcement training is built on positive, healthy interactions. Learning throughout their life provides pets with mental engagement that is important to their cognitive functions.

Comfortable spaces put pets at ease

For pets that live in habitats such as reptiles, fish, birds or other small animals, cozy spaces that make them feel safe are important. Stimulating decor and accessories provide opportunities for interaction that help them stay mentally fit.

Easing the symptoms of mental stress

We know stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns can be tough for pets. That's why we carry a wide variety of calming treats and anxiety relief supplies for pets of all shapes and sizes. These are best used in advance of triggering events so they can take effect before the anxiety hits.

If your dog struggles with the sound of thunderstorms or fireworks, we can also provide thunder suits. For pets who stress about car rides, we have a range of travel supplies. But you should never underestimate the power of a comforting blanket or toy.

Mental Health Services

Learn more about the mental health services we offer.


Nurturing pets to feel confident and comfortable around other animals and humans. Here are some ways we recommend strengthening their social health.

Prepare them for adventure

Exposing your pet to new environments and experiences is a great way to stimulate their social health. Make sure they're safe and comfortable when you bring them along on your travels with quality adventure gear.

Play together, stay together

Toys are at the heart of most bonding moments between pets and their parents or other pets. The interactivity and exercise that cat toys and dog toys provide help pets thrive. And they're fun for parents too!

Building strong relationships from the start

Letting pets spend time with other animals and people is crucial, and group classes provide a setting where they can be socialized safely. Positive reinforcement training isn't just about obedience, it's about creating bonds between pet and parent, helping dogs learn social cues and build confidence from the time they're puppies up until they reach adulthood.

Treating your pets well

Whether as part of training, as a reward, or just because they deserve it, healthy treats are an easy way to bond with your pets. We've removed artificial ingredients* from our dog treats and cat treats so that treating isn't just enjoyable but nutritious too.

Keep in mind that even the healthiest treats shouldn't make up more than 10% of a pet's diet. Training sessions can also make use of kibble instead of treats to ensure pets stay healthy when they're learning.

Social Health Services

Learn more about the social health services we offer.

Home HeaLth

Creating safe, stimulating environments where pets feel like part of the family. Here are some ways we recommend taking care of their home health.

Prep for mealtime

Nutrition is the foundation of health so it's important to ensure that you're prepared for meal time—whether at home, in your office, or on the road with you. It's worth it to invest in the right essentials like bowls, feeders or fountains to make sure your pet enjoys mealtime wherever they are. And for pets that enjoy mealtime a bit too much, we have slow feeder bowls to slow them down and portion scoops to make sure they're eating the right amount to stay healthy.

A place to belong and be loved

Your pet needs a place to call their own. Beds and habitats give them a place to rest and recharge, while playpens and furniture are spaces where they can play and interact on their terms.

Life on the go

Whether you travel with your pet a lot or you're just taking them to vet or grooming appointments, you'll want a quality carrier outfitted with some home comforts like small toys or a cozy blanket to make them feel safe.

A clean home is a comfortable one

Keeping pet spaces clean is necessary to avoid the kind of dirt and bacteria that cause disease. Depending on what type of pet you have and the specifics of their habitat, their needs can vary widely. Fortunately, we can provide pet-specific guidance.

Is their habitat an aquarium? You'll want a good pump and filter system. Cats and other small pets use litter or bedding that needs to be changed regularly. No matter what kind of pet you're making a home for, you'll need clean-up supplies to take care of any accidents or emergencies.


Providing pets with what they need to live well, affordably and conveniently. Here are some ways we make pet health accessible.

Getting what they need, safely and quickly

Your pet should never have to go without the things they need to stay healthy. That's why we provide the option for same-day delivery on select items, safe curbside pickup at your local store, and repeat delivery on online orders. We also have neighborhood Pet Care Centers where knowledgeable associates can help you address your pet's whole health.

Affordable vet access near you

We make sure all the veterinary services our trusted, compassionate vets provide are affordable so you never need to choose between getting your pet care and paying the bill.

Membership that supports their wellbeing

Vital Care is the most comprehensive wellness system Petco has ever created. From the nutrition and supplies pets need each day, to the services that help keep them at optimal health, Vital Care makes it easier and more affordable for you to care for your pet's whole health all in one place.

At $19.99 per month*, Vital Care just makes Petconomics sense. Take advantage of exclusive deals like 10% off nutrition and 20% off litter, which increase by an extra 5% when you choose Repeat Delivery. Get 20% off grooming services and enjoy added savings on routine vet exams. As an ultimate bonus, receive $15 in Pals Rewards every month to help cover any other needs your pet may have.

*Annual commitment required.

Nutrition savings exclude treats and chews.

Vital Care members also enjoy the benefits of our Pals Rewards program. Earn rewards back on every purchase, access members-only perks in our app and get personalized care reminders and recommendations for your pet.

Offering a FREE Whole Health Check for your pet

We know pet health is not one-size-fits-all and that pets don't come with instructions. That's why we offer a free Whole Health Check* inside your neighborhood Petco.

We'll provide personalized recommendations based on your pet's unique needs to help them engage in all five critical dimensions of whole health. A digital summary will help you access their information at home and on the go.

*For dogs only. The Whole Health Check is not a substitute for regular examinations and carefrom a licensed veterinarian. If we find any concerns, we will refer you to your veterinarian.

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Our Expertise

Our whole health philosophy and the products and services that we offer are backed by trusted experts.

Petco Pet Wellness Council

A coalition of independent, leading experts in veterinary science and animal care providing us with unbiased advice and counsel.

Vets, groomers and trainers

Each of our trusted, compassionate professionals are trained and certified so they can provide pets with the best care possible.

Trained associates

Every time you walk into your neighborhood Petco, a trained associate can help you get started with a Whole Health Check, where you'll receive recommendations to help support your pet along their journey to whole health.


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Access to members-only perks & offers

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Expert support to guide you through pet parenthood

Bring out your pet's best with trained groomers, receive compassionate care with our licensed vets and view recommendations based on your pet's unique needs with our Whole Health check.

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We're committed to continually evaluating and evolving our standards to improve every aspect of pet wellbeing. They're the standards we'd want if we were pets.


March 2021

Breaking up with traditional rawhide

Rawhide is a delicious, long-lasting treat, but it's tough on a dog's stomach. So we're transitioning to sell only highly digestible rawhide.


October 2020


We're no longer selling human- or bark-activated shock collars. These products have no business in our business. Instead, we're focusing on positive reinforcement training.


May 2019

Turning our backs on artificials

We were the first and are still the only national retailer to remove cat and dog food and treats with artificial ingredients* from our shelves.

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