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Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody likes messy paws or floors! Low-tracking litter is made from materials, like paper, that don’t cling to cats’ feet. Many pet parents like these formulas because they help prevent litter from being spread outside of the box. Keep in mind, however, that low-tracking litters don't clump.

Different litters work better for different cats and households. While many cats will use any litter, others are extremely choosy. Some cats prefer softer materials, some like clumping formulas, and some won’t tolerate added scents. If you switch litters and your cat begins having issues, that's a good sign that the new litter is a poor fit.

You’ll also want to consider your own preferences. Clumping litters are easier to clean, multi-cat formulas offer better odor control, low-tracking materials help reduce mess, and flushable options can be more convenient.

Declawing cats can cause lifelong sensitivity and pain, and it is not recommended. If your cat is already declawed, however, choose a soft litter that is gentle on their paws. Litters made from natural materials–like paper, wood, wheat and grass–tend to be the best for declawed cats.

Litter manufacturers use a variety of methods to help control litter box odors—from adding scents to using odor-absorbing materials. Multi-cat litters are particularly effective and specially formulated to handle heavy use. The best choice depends on your individual cat and your preferences. To help keep litter as fresh as possible, scoop the box daily and change the litter weekly.

The ideal litter for your cat (and you) depends on a number of factors. For the best match, choose a litter that addressed the needs of your cat and your home. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly litter, a powerful multi-cat formula or a low-tracking option, you can find highly rated cat litter on and in our stores.

*Based on customer reviews.