Support your pet’s health as they age

We’ll help improve your pet’s quality of life so they enjoy every year by your side. It’s what we’d want if we were pets.

Top health issues your older pet may experience

  • Weight & Mobility
  • Dental Health
  • Digestive Health


As your pet gets older, they are at a higher risk for obesity due to a slower metabolism, muscle loss and a decrease in physical activity caused by joint pain. Learning how to support a healthy weight can help ensure your pet enjoys their golden years.

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Because your pet’s teeth build up tartar and plaque over the years, they are at a higher risk for issues like dental disease as they age. Beyond affecting your pet’s teeth and gums, dental disease can lead to heart, lung liver, kidney and brain issues. Preventive care can help your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy and support their total wellbeing.

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Digestive issues are common as pets age. These issues can include irregular bowel movements, increased hairballs and urinary tract infections. While these issues can be painful for your pet and draining for you, the right care can help you prevent problems from becoming worse so your pet feels their best as they get older.

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