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Royal Canin

Royal Canin. Incredible in every detail.

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Royal Canin Cat And Dog Food

There’s no pet exactly like your pet. That’s why Royal Canin provides a broad range of science-backed diets based on size, age, breed, lifestyle and health. Because one-size-fits-all rarely applies when it comes to any pet’s specific nutritional needs.

FAQs About Royal Canin Dog and Cat Food

Online at and in Petco stores. You can also shop online and pick up your order at your neighborhood Petco, or sign up for Repeat Delivery.

Since 1968, Royal Canin has been formulating diets with a focus on using nutrition to help improve pet health. Veterinarians recommend Royal Canin because their ongoing efforts place cats and dogs first in their nutritional philosophies and formulations. The company’s passion and commitment to making a better world for pets drives diet benefits, including exceptional palatability, a focus on quality and food safety, and impact on a pet health. Royal Canin employs veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists, and nutritional scientists to formulate and study the diets and how they can help benefit the wellbeing of cats and dogs.

Royal Canin is a subsidiary of Mars, Inc.

Throughout North America, you'll find Royal Canin® Associates hard at work at our headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri and in our manufacturing facilities in Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Guelph, Ontario.

Some Royal Canin diets contain grains because grains can be a healthy part of any cat or dog’s diet. As always, we focus on the nutrients each ingredient provides, and grains can provide many of these important nutrients.

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