Group classes? Private lessons? We’ve got you covered.

Our classes are designed for all ages and breeds, allowing you to customize a curriculum led by our certified trainers and AKC evaluators.

  • Puppy Training Classes
  • Adult Training Classes
  • Private Lessons

Puppy Level 1 - $149

This 6-week introductory group class focuses on proper socialization and teaches desired behaviors and cues to address common puppy challenges, such as:

  • - Potty Training
  • - Chewing & Teething
  • - Digging & More

For puppies 2-4 months

Puppy Level 2 - $149

This 6-week intermediate group class expands on the behaviors and cues learned in Puppy Level 1, introducing:

  • - The concept fo establishing behaviors as routines
  • - Fun games to keep your puppy's mind active and engaged
  • - More advanced training cues

For puppies 4-6 months

Puppy Essentials Package - $249

This 12-week comprehensive training package includes your choice of any 2 classes between all Puppy & Adult classes offered plus the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test

Puppy Complete Package - $379

This 18-week complete training package includes Puppy Level 1, Puppy Level 2 and any 1 Adult class of your choice, plus a 45-minute Private lesson and the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test

Adult Level 1 - $149

This 6-week introductory group class is designed to help you better communicate with and train your dog. Dogs will learn behaviors & cues, such as:

  • - 'Leave it'
  • - 'Wait'
  • - Loose leash walking

Includes additional behavioral tips to stop unwanted jumping, barking, and digging

For dogs over 6 months old

Adult Level 2 $149

This 6-week intermediate group class expands on behaviors and cues learned in Adult Level 1, introducing:

  • - More advanced and complex training techniques
  • - Fun games to help keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated

For dogs that have graduated from Adult Level 1 or equivalent

Adult Dog Essentials Package - $249

This 12-week comprehensive training package includes Adult Lesson 1 and your choice of any 1 from Adult Lesson 2 or AKC Canine Good Citizen Class, plus the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Adult Dog Complete Package - $379

This 18-week complete training package includes Adult Level 1, Adult Level 2, AKC Canine Good Citizen Class, plus a 45-minute Private lesson and the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Separation Anxiety Course - $99

This 4-week group class focuses on proactive solutions to address separation anxiety and teach your dog how to be home alone and relax. Your dog will learn how to:

  • - Relax when left alone
  • - Calm themselves when stressed
  • - Develop healthy routines

For dogs over 6 months old

Private Lesson 101 - $39

This 45-minute private lesson is tailored to understand the training needs of your pet, help you with common behaviors & create a customized training plan.

Private Lessons (4 lesson pack) $219

This 4-week private training package is customizable, with training plans built by your Certified Dog Trainer - all at a great value. Each session is tailored to the needs of you and your pet and can vary from teaching basic cues to addressing unwanted behaviors such as barking, chewing or tips on potty training. ($55 per session)

Scheduling is flexible and planning will take place with your trainer during your first session!

Private Lessons (6 lesson pack) $299

This 6-week private training package is customizable, with training plans built by your Certified Dog Trainer. This package is designed to maximize your training time and your budget with consistent, personalized classes that adapt as your dog learns. ($50 per session)

Scheduling is flexible and planning will take place with your trainer during your first session!

AKC Canine Good Citizen - $149

The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification is recognized as a high standard of dog behavior and is an excellent way to prepare for therapy dog training or dog sports. This training class prepares you and your dog to take the AKC CGC test, as well as improve on behaviors already learned. For dogs who have graduated from Adult Dog Level 2 or equivalent.

You know your pet best. Book a training class that fits your needs.

Virtual or in-store. One-on-one or with a pack. We offer positive training classes for every schedule.

In-Store Dog Training

Create a custom curriculum at your neighborhood Petco by enrolling in a private lesson or group class.

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Online Dog Training

Safely train from the comfort of home via Zoom with one of our most expert certified trainers.

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Training Takes Mentors

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands. We've helped more than 1 million families with our positive training methods and recommendations. Learn more about some of our trainers credentials and expertise.

Proven method

We've cheered on more than one million successful dog graduates as they've gained the skills and confidence needed to better enjoy life with their pet parents.


All our Petco-certified trainers are AKC CGC evaluators and are taught science-based training principles that reward appropriate behaviors instead of punishing negative ones.

360º health & wellness advisor

From nutrition recommendations to our favorite products and training tools, we’ll be by your side with guidance throughout every stage of you and your dog’s life together.

Every Training decision is a health and wellness decision.

This is why we're all about reward-based positive training that not only reinforces good behavior but also strengthens your pet’s total well-being.

Social Health

Enjoy more positive interactions between you and your pet to help build trust and create a stronger bond for a lifetime of love.

Physical Health

Give them the confidence and exercise to they need to explore new environments, dogs and people

Mental Health

Engages and stimulates your pet's mind through skills and and activities to cater to their well-being

Training takes positivity

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement training, guided by expert tested methods meant to build trust and support your dog’s physical, social, and mental health.

Darris Cooper

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), Certified National Dog Training Expert, Fear-Free Animal Trainer, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Positive Reinforcement backed by experts.
Meet our Pet Wellness Council

“To train a dog using positive reinforcement is to respect their dignity and worth as more than a possession obtained for personal satisfaction. If you want to build bonds with dogs, you must always choose a relationship built on positive reinforcement over one predicated on punishment, shame, or fear.”

Dr. Alexandra Horowitz

Sr. Research Fellow and Head of the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College, Columbia University.

“Positive reinforcement training is key to building lifelong bonds with our pets on a foundation of love and trust. As a veterinarian, I always recommend rewards-based training to pet parents looking for the best ways to keep the entire family healthy and happy together for as long as possible."

Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM

Petco head of veterinary medicine, board-certified in veterinary preventive medicine.

"Positive reinforcement training is not only the right thing to do for the dogs involved, but the most effective and rewarding educational platform for pet parents, too."

Dr. Andrew West

Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

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From barking and chewing to calming and potty training, we have products for every training need.

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Petco Dog and Puppy Training

Consistent and positive dog training builds trust and confidence between dog and owner. From puppies to seniors, positive dog training promotes overall well-being through strengthening social, mental and physical health. At Petco, our dog training curriculum is focused on positive reinforcement and backed by experts. Sign up for group or one-on-one personalized dog training classes. Training courses can be online or in-person.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the class level. Puppies can take their first class starting at 2-4 months, while more mature dogs can start at 6 months.

Class times vary by store location. The group class you enroll in will occur at the same time every week for 6 consecutive weeks (week may be skipped if class falls on major holiday).

A current copy of your dog's vaccination records, a 6 foot nylon or leather leash, a collar or harness, training treats and a treat pouch, and cleanup bags.

It depends on the size of the training area, as we follow our safety policy to always keep a minimum of three feet in between dogs at all times!

To participate in training classes we require to see up-to-date documentation of age-appropriate vaccinations including:

  • Parvovirus, hepatitis, and distemper vaccinations for all dogs and puppies.
  • Rabies vaccination for dogs aged 16 weeks or older (if a medical reason prohibits your pet from receiving this vaccination, please consult your trainer ahead of visit).
  • Parvovirus (panleukopenia), herpesvirus-1 (viral rhinotracheitis), and calicivirus for cats.
  • New York City administrative code also requires to show proof of vaccinations for para-influenza, parvovirus within the past three years and for Bordetella within the past six months.

Are their vaccinations expired? Visit Petco Veterinary Services to find a convenient Petco walk-in vaccination clinic.

We want to set you and your dog up to be successful! If you have already had some type of formal training with your (older than six months) dog, you may be ready for our Adult Level 2 class. Our Puppy Level classes are based on the age of your puppy.

You will get six classes in total. Together we will figure out a makeup class for you and your dog.

You can receive a full refund up to the start of the second class, after that we will make sure that you reach your training goals - even if it means retaking the class for free.

We schedule around major holidays and will add an additional week to ensure you get your six classes in the amount of weeks needed to complete them!