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We're on a mission to fight pet cancer

Early detection is key

Approximately 1 in 3 dogs and 1 in 5 cats get cancer in its lifetime, making cancer one of the biggest threats to your pet’s life. We have everything you need to help catch cancer early and increase your pet’s chance of winning the fight and enjoying more years by your side.

Spot the signs of cancer

If your pet has any of these signs, book an appointment at one of our vet hospitals right away.

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Common signs of pet cancer:

Swollen lymph nodes

An enlarging or changing lump

Abdominal distension

Chronic weight loss

Chronic vomiting or diarrhea

Unexplained bleeding



Straining to urinate

Oral odor

Unexplained bleeding



Straining to urinate

Oral odor


An easier way to test for cancer

Compared to the traditional biopsy, OncoK9™ is an innovative new test that uses a simple blood draw to find out if your dog has cancer.

Cutting-edge technology detects many cancers

OncoK9 uses next-generation sequencing to detect many cancers in dogs.

Dog cancer testing at our vet hospitals

If your dog shows warning signs, participating Petco vet hospitals can detect cancer in your dog with the OncoK9 cancer detection test.

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Trusted protection from the pet experts

From accidents to illnesses, be ready for anything with insurance coverage that helps ensure you don’t have to choose between quality care for your pet and paying your bill.



Thanks to your donations in Petco stores, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have donated more than $16 million to fund pet cancer research and treatment, which helps pets like Angel and Mao.

Angel’s story

While Sarah was studying to be a veterinarian at LSU, her dog Angel was diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma. Petco Love and Blue Buffalo’s Pet Cancer Treatment Fund helped Angel receive the treatment she needed, and now Sarah, a veterinarian in Texas, has a new perspective when treating her pet patients.

Mao’s story

When Teri’s cat Mao was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo’s Pet Cancer Treatment Fund helped fund his treatment at The Ohio State University. Today, Mao is in remission, and Teri is glad to share to his story to help other pet parents recognize warning signs.

Yummy's Story

In 2019 Petco CEO Ron Coughlin’s dog, Yummy, was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to the vigilance of one of Petco's own veterinarians and an early diagnosis, Yummy became a cancer survivor three months later. Yummy’s story, along with every cancer survivor story, has inspired Ron and the entire team at Petco to commit to fighting pet cancer together – so every dog has a chance at survival.

Together strong. Let's fight pet cancer together.

Let's fight pet cancer together.


When battling cancer, early detection is as vital for pets as it is for humans. Join Petco in the fight against pet cancer by taking it on the same way and with the same passion that we do human cancer.

We have WHAT you need to HELP PREVENT CANCER

Cat being examined by a vet

Routine vet checkups

Our vets can help spot cancer symptoms early, when treatment is more effective and affordable.

Book a Vet

Bowl of dog food

Healthy diet

The foundation of pet health, quality nutrition can help prevent cancer in your pet by providing nutrients vital to their wellness.

Right Food Finder

A sunny day

Stay away from carcinogens

Help prevent cancer in your pet by avoiding known carcinogens such as second-hand smoke, prolonged time in the sun and herbicides.

Learn More

Dog being walked on leash

Daily exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight helps prevent cancer. We have leashes, collars and harnesses so you can keep your dog active and safe.

Shop Leashes &

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Petco Love. A nonprofit changing lives.


Your donation helps fight pet cancer and provide lifesaving care for pets in need.

Learn more about pet cancer

Dog and cat cuddling

Five facts about pet cancer

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Cat walking across hardwood floor

Bumps and lumps in dogs and cats

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Good grooming can save lives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer warning signs are often the same in our pets as they are in humans. Be on the lookout for irregular lumps or bumps, wounds that don’t heal, and swelling or abnormal bleeding.

Advances in veterinary technology and discovery of more effective ways to treat cancer in pets means that when cancer is caught early, many pets can have great quality of life, including additional months to years of life. 

Cancer is typically caused by a combination of genetic and environmental influences, such as second hand smoke, prolonged sun exposure and pesticides. Obesity can also be a risk factor so keeping your pet on a healthy diet with proper exercise is important.

Yes, dogs can get skin cancer, just like people can. While genetics play a large part in which dogs are more likely to get skin cancer, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and skin cancer in dogs.

No. The OncoK9 cancer screening is a test that is not included in the free exam. The free exam includes a complete physical examination, which is a nose-to-tail inspection for any abnormalities. Your veterinarian will check your pet’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration) and continue to work from nose to tail examining all aspects of your pet. The veterinarian will not only perform the basics of an exam (including use of a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs), but also palpate the abdomen for any suspicious masses, palpate your pets lymph nodes and feel all over your pets body to check for lumps and bumps.

OncoK9 is a revolutionary new test that is non-invasive, convenient and involves a simple blood sample collection. Other cancer diagnostics may include blood/urine testing, radiographs, ultrasound, cytology sampling, biopsy or other advanced imaging which may be recommended by your veterinarian depending on the case.

Currently, OncoK9 is only available for dogs.

The OncoK9 dog cancer detection test is available at select Petco vet hospitals. Following the initial launch, we’ll continue to roll out the test to hospitals in our growing network across the U.S.

Pricing may vary by region. Contact your local Petco vet hospital to ask about availability and pricing.

OncoK9 needs to be prescribed by a veterinarian. If you have concerns about your dog’s health or your dog is at higher risk for cancer based on age and/or body size, we recommend visiting a vet right away so they can thoroughly examine your dog and align with you on if the OncoK9 test is an appropriate and recommended next step.

Learn more about Vital Care at

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