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The Chihuahua may be the smallest breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, but don’t tell them that. These miniature canines are known for their big personality and strong sense of self-confidence. Loyal to a fault, Chihuahuas have been known to stand up to dogs 10 times their size as well as any stranger who steps into their territory without permission.


German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a reputation for loyalty and hard work. They are often enlisted by law enforcement, but they can also make wonderful pets. As confident as they are gentle, a German Shepherd Dog can serve as your household’s unrelenting guard dog but also be ready to play when you are, two very good reasons why the breed is one of America’s most popular.



Labrador Retriever

Friendly, sociable, active, intelligent and hardworking, Labradors can be a great fit for a variety of households. While they're are often prized for their energetic personalities and sunny natures, they're also remarkable swimmers and fetchers and often make ideal service dogs.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus were the favored pets of ancient Chinese emperors. These “lion dogs” haven’t forgotten their august lineage, but don’t let their proud bearing fool you; Shih Tzu dogs are absolute lovebugs who excel at charming the pants off anyone they meet.